6 Types of Singles You Meet Through Online BBW Dating


Everyone has their own reasons for going online and their own ways of going after guys and girls. But after a period of BBW dating, you'll soon learn to pick out these six classic online plus size singles.

You will marry my shan

You've been talking for less than five minutes, and they've already told you that they can imagine spending the rest of their lives with you, having beautiful children, and growing old together. Have they never heard the phrase "slow and steady wins the race"?

Anonymous date stamp

Who signed up for online curvy dating without uploading a profile or profile picture? If you know nothing about them, do they really think you'll agree to a date? Without such basic information, online daters are often dismissed as potential date cheaters.

The player

Did they start by saying how sexy you are? Do they seem to be thinking one thing? Be careful when you encounter a player while trying online plus size dating, and unless you're doing it for the same reason, you don't want to risk injury.


If you read their online BBW dating profiles and think there's nothing to know about them, you're wrong. At first, you may find it funny, but when they start talking about me, me, me, you may find it hard to cut in.

Dating snobs

The whole point of online chubby dating is that it gives you the opportunity to find a match, not just the look. But why do some singles still reject other online daters because of their profile photos, when everything else seems to be changing? Don't let these snobbish dates let you down, either way, they don't have the depth to provide that vital chemistry.

Truth makers

He is a lawyer in his late 20s and has no children, according to his profile. So why did he tell you he was running at school? These online curvy dating lies can only last so long, and you'll soon find some pretty obvious signs that someone isn't who their profile says they are. This doesn't necessarily make them a bad person - many people tell white lies to attract the opposite gender - but be careful in case they are just the surface of a bigger lie.

Online daters come in all shapes and sizes and mindsets, and having reservations about your experience will help you cope with the different types of singles you encounter online. But when you try free online chubby dating, you'll find a lot of genuine people in these funny characters looking for love, friendship and fun… Just like you!