Dating tips 101: How to be a dating master?


Plan for a place to meet. The typical first BBW dating place is a delicate bar or a fancy restaurant. Although there is no wrong in going to these places, they are not the best ones. If you meet your hook up date in a noisy and busy bar, it can be hard for you to even find a place to sit or hear clearly about what you are saying. Similarly, the cost for a fancy restaurant might make you uncomfortable and pressured. Instead of going to an impressive place, you might as well choose a place you are familiar with, no matter it is a small but delicate bar near your apartment or your favorite pizza store. What is more, remember to try something different. Don’t be afraid to bring up a different proposal like picnic in the park or a stroll around the museum. If you are dating in somewhere you feel comfortable with, the curvy dating will much smoother and nicer.

Leave a good first impression at the first date. It seems obvious, but in the first date, first impression matters a great deal. Leaving a good first impression is the first step and also the easiest step. Just make yourself look the best. So take some time to perfect your appearance before you go outside. Take a shower and spend sometime on the hair style. Make sure your clothes are clean, better be just ironed. There is no special requirement for the dressing style in the first date. But a clean white shirt, dark pullover and a simple jean can never be wrong. Except from the appearance, leaving a good first impression also means being relaxed, confident and friendly. Confidence is not always easy to get, but pretend to be until you really are.

Ask questions. The best tip for guys in the first date is to ask questions, lots of them. If you are fighting against shyness, this is a very good tip. Just remember don’t dig too deep at the beginning. Focus your topic on the surface, such as work, hobbits, travel plans, etc. Make your conversation as light as possible. If they bring up some deeper and more profound questions, that would be better, but in the beginning of your relationship, sharing too much or prying too much into other people’s private life can be presumptuous.

More importantly, please do listen to your date’s answer very carefully and then ask more questions. Remember some significant details such as their dog’s name and their favorite food, etc. Bring up these details later to show that you care and you are interested.

At least, make sure you say something about yourself as well. Don’t let them leave without knowing something about you.

Do not check your phone frequently. Nowadays, it is very usual to rely too much on your phone. But during dating, it is not okay to check your phone every several minutes. Phone is not going to help you dealing with social interactions. On the contrary, your date would think you are not putting all your attention on them, which will be deemed as impolite or ignorant.